Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Michael Opieczonek

Technology Transfer Officer Phone: +41216938288 Email: michael.opieczonek@epfl.ch Institution:EPFL Lab: Management Team

Daniel Tozadore

Phone: Email: daniel.tozadore@epfl.ch Institution:EPFL Lab: Computer-Human Interaction in Learning and Instruction (CHILI)

Olexandr Gudozhnik

Researcher Phone: Email: olexandr.gudozhnik@epfl.ch Institution:EPFL Lab: Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS)

Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab (CREATE)

The CREATE Lab (Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab) aims to develop new fabrication and computational design tools for the development of robots with new and exciting capabilities, and to better understand the physical world. Director: Prof. Josie HughesInstitution: EPFL Discover the Lab

Josie Hughes

Professor Phone: +41 21 693 31 59 Email: josie.hughes@epfl.ch Institution:EPFL Lab: Computational Robot Design & Fabrication Lab (CREATE)

Mustafa Mete

Phone: Email: mustafa.mete@epfl.ch Institution:EPFL Lab: Reconfigurable Robotics Laboratory (RRL)