Talk by Prof. Harmut Geyer (CMU) on neuromechanical modeling of human locomotion

Date(s) - 21/06/2017
14:00 - 15:00

Research at CMU’s Legged Systems Group

Prof. Harmut Geyer, Carnegie Mellon University


Research at CMU’s legged systems group focuses on three questions: What

are the principles of legged dynamics systems? How do these principles

shape human neuromuscular control? And can resulting insights help

advance humanoid and rehabilitation robotics?  I will review our recent

progress on answering these questions, discussing the spring-mass

running theory and its demonstration on a human-sized bipedal robot, a

computational model of human neuromuscular control and its evaluation

against human behavior in experiments, and work on a robotic

knee-and-ankle prosthesis for recovery from large gait disturbances in

amputee locomotion. In the process I will also touch on future

directions and where we envision this work is heading in the long term:

towards integrated human-robot systems that combine advances in

neuromuscular control models, machine learning, and neuroscience and


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