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Improved Efficiency in Legged Running Using Lightweight Passive Compliant Feet

  • Authors: Hutter, M.; Holenstein, C.; Fenner, D.; Remy, C. D.; Hoepflinger, M. A.; Siegwart, R.

This paper investigates the mechanical benefits of employing a passive foot segment to improve energetic efficiency in legged running. The proposed lightweight design significantly reduces impact and damping losses, while simultaneously allowing for a natural-looking stance configuration. Actuator in- put and ankle spring properties were optimized in simulation and successfully tested in 2D running experiments.

Posted on: August 27, 2012

StarlETH: A compliant quadrupedal robot for fast, efficient, and versatile locomotion

  • Authors: Hutter, M.; Gehring, C.; Bloesch, M.; Hoepflinger, M. A.; Remy, C. D.; Siegwart, R.

This paper introduces StarlETH, a compliant quadrupedal robot that is designed to study fast, efficient, and versatile locomotion. The platform is fully actuated with high compliant series elastic actuation, making the system torque controllable and at the same time well suited for highly dynamic maneuvers. We additionally emphasize key elements of a powerful real time control and simulation environment. The work is concluded with a number of experiments that demonstrate the performance of the presented hardware and controllers.

Posted on: August 27, 2012