Iason Batzianoulis


Iason Batzianoulis had the opportunity to spend 4 months at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), thanks to the grant that NCCR Robotics awarded him. 

Were you able to fulfill all your planned objectives ?

I had the opportunity to evaluate the approach with transradial amputees. The evaluation with end-users was an important step in my research project as it would reveal the true potentials of the application. I conducted experiments and collected data with both amputees, as target group, and able-bodied subjects, as control group. Also, I gained in-hand experience with the control of commercial and experimental prosthesis as well as their constraints and limitations.

Did this experience inspire you or enable you to continue your career? 

My work during my visit to Northwestern University has resulted to a manuscript that will be submitted soon. The knowledge that I acquired as well as the interaction with expertise of the field helped understand my interests and define my future plans.

Did your host lab aid the quality of your research? 

The opportunity to conduct experiments and validate my approach with end-users (transradial amputees) was an important step in my research project as it would reveal the true potentials of the application

How do you feel your association with NCCR Robotics has had an overall impact on your studies and future career ?

The affiliation with NCCR robotics could offer me opportunities to connect my research with the industry and help me with my future career.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?

I am currently working towards a PhD thesis, developing novel methods for controlling prosthetic devices. My future plans involve the application of the knowledge I gained during my PhD to rehabilitation schemes for improving of living conditions of people with disabilities.

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