Mina Ferizbegovic

Biorob lab outing Mina FerizbegovicDid this experience inspire you or enable you to continue your career?

I hope I will have publication at the end of the internship. My network of people is becoming bigger and I hope this will help me find PhD position or job. Also, I want to say that this experience, thanks to my supervisor (Kamilo Melo), has broadened my research interest and improved my research capabilities.

Did your host lab aid the quality of your research ?

I was able to think of different methods, like and comment on a certain paper and my mentors were always listening and thoughtfully responding.

How do you feel your association with NCCR Robotics has had an overall impact on your studies and future career ?

It helped me to improve research capabilities and broaden network of people that share same interests. Also, I am working in one of the top research institutions where I can improve my knowledge.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future ?

I am now working in Biorobotics laboratory on salamander robots to improve search and rescue capabilities. My plans for the future include getting PhD position or job that will improve research capabilities.

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