Mehrnaz Salehian

I did my internship from April- to september 2017 at EPFL. My project was shared between two laboratories, BioRob and LSRO.

Its title was: “Development and implementation of an exoskeleton controller for the mobilization of people with neurological disorders”, under the Supervision of Prof. Auke Ijspert and Prof. Hannes Bleuler.

The host labs and my supervisors strongly contributed to the quality of my research and I made a lot of new experience during the internship.

After finishing my internship, I applied for EDRS and EE Doctoral program of EPFL, and moreover I searched for jobs related to my background, Robotics and Medical Robots. In 2018, I started to work in one of the startup at the EPFL Innovation Park (DistalMotion) as an intern (control system engineer). I’m really interested to improve my skills in robotics and control system during this job and work as an expert in this area.

Working in an international environment allowed me to grow as a person and taught me how to adapt to new and challenging atmospheres. Therefore, I want to thanks the NCCR Robotics team for giving me the chance to work here in Switzerland.


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