Kübra Karacan

Title of project: An Environment Recognition and Parameterization System for Shared Control of a Powered Lower-Limb Exoskeleton

Kübra spent 6 months in 2019 working at RELab at ETHZ

Were you able to fulfil all your planned objectives ?
Yes. When I arrived in the lab, everything was ready, which enabled me to start my project immediately. Since I also made a preparation beforehand, my supervisor and I made a proposal for the project including its aims and a timeline. And we discussed the progress in our weekly alignment meetings so that we made sure we were on track.

Did this experience inspire you or enable you to continue your career?
– Yes, definitely! From the beginning we worked for publishing an article for a journal. Thus, I had a chance to observe the lab environment and the PhD students during a research from the scratch. And now I had great references and a complete research experience in my CV which is really important, I think, since I also want to pursue a PhD as my next step.

Did your host lab aid the quality of your research ?
– Since I had two presentations during my study, I was able to have the opinions of all lab members including the professors, so they contributed to the work a lot with their valuable ideas and criticism. Also in the beginning, we had a tutorial about scientific writing given by the senior scientist in the lab. Thus it also improved the quality of my research because we advanced considering the hints I learnt there. Also whenever I needed other people’s opinions or helps in the lab, they were very welcoming.

How do you feel your association with NCCR Robotics has had an overall impact on your studies and future career ?
Many thanks to NCCR Robotics for giving me this opportunity! It was very fruitful and eye-opening experience for me. Now I am more confident in continuing my academic career in robotics. Also we developed a good partnership and collaboration between my home and host laboratory for further researches.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future ?
– Now I am about to finish my master at Bogazici University and considering a PhD, hopefully, again in Switzerland.