Flying Robots

Flying robots are useful in search and rescue missions as they can be used to survey large areas of land looking for victims. By using sensors on the robots, flying robots can be sent into areas where it is too dangerous or unfeasible to send human or canine rescue teams, and relay information back to a central hub, who can then direct rescue teams to where they are most needed.

In the field of flying robotics, big research questions include the design of (i) novel hardware than can resist collisions and is easy to transport, (ii) new control methods for autonomous flight and (iii) innovative sensors for safe navigation.

Within NCCR Robotics, we research control systems to ensure that robots can find their way in cluttered environments, we develop drones that are capable of more than one mode of movement (e.g. walking and flying) and we design and produce drones that are easy to compact for transport and quick to deploy.

Flying Robots


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