Publication:ScarlETH: Design and control of a planar running robot

Publication: ScarlETH: Design and control of a planar running robot

  • Authors: Hutter, M.; Remy, C. D.; Hoepflinger, M. A.; Siegwart, R.

This paper introduces the mechanical design and the control concept of the Series Compliant Articulated Robotic Leg ScarlETH which was developed at ETH Zurich for fast, efficient, and versatile locomotion. Inspired by biological systems, we seek to achieve this through large compliances in the joints which enable natural dynamics, allow temporary energy storage, and improve the passive adaptability. A sophisticated chain and cable pulley design minimizes the segment masses, places the overall CoG close to the hip joint, and maximizes the range of motion. Nonlinearities in the damping and an appropriate low-level controller allow for precise torque control during stance and for fast task space position control during swing. This paved the road for the combined application of a virtual model controller for ground contact and a modified Raibert style controller for flight phase which was successfully tested in planar running. © 2011 IEEE.


Posted on: March 12, 2012