Publication:Quadrupedal robots with stiff and compliant actuation

Publication: Quadrupedal robots with stiff and compliant actuation

  • Authors: Remy, C. D.; Hutter, M.; Hoepflinger, M.; Bloesch, M.; Gehring, C.; Siegwart, R.

In the broader context of quadrupedal locomotion, this overview article introduces and compares two platforms that are similar in structure, size, and morphology, yet differ greatly in their concept of actuation. The first, ALoF, is a classically stiff actuated robot that is controlled kinematically, while the second, StarlETH, uses a soft actuation scheme based on highly compliant series elastic actuators. We show how this conceptual difference influences design and control of the robots, compare the hardware of the two systems, and show exemplary their advantages in different applications. © Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag.


Posted on: August 27, 2012