Publication:Learning Externally Modulated Dynamical Systems

Publication: Learning Externally Modulated Dynamical Systems

  • Authors: Sommer, Nicolas; Kronander, Klas; Billard, Aude

Dynamical Systems (DS) are often used to represent motion, with the advantage of being easy to learn from demonstrations. We present a method to modulate DS depending on an external signal, extending our previous work on Locally Modulated DS (LMDS, Kronander 2017). We present two applications of our system, which would not have been possible to achieve without taking external sensing into account in the DS motion formulation. The first application is a task of localization and grasping of objects, using our previous work on compliant tactile exploration. We successfully localize and grasp objects whose position is unknown, using touch in a simulated environment. In the second application, we teach a robot how to react to collisions in order to navigate between obstacles while reaching.


Posted on: June 30, 2017