Publication:Efficient Decentralized Visual Place Recognition From Full-Image Descriptors

Publication: Efficient Decentralized Visual Place Recognition From Full-Image Descriptors

  • Authors: Cieslewski, Titus; Scaramuzza, Davide

In this paper, we discuss the adaptation of our decentralized place recognition method described in [1] to fullimage descriptors. As we had shown, the key to making a scalable decentralized visual place recognition lies in exploting deterministic key assignment in a distributed key-value map. Through this, it is possible to reduce bandwidth by up to a factor of n, the robot count, by casting visual place recognition to a key-value lookup problem. In [1], we exploited this for the bagof-words method [3], [4]. Our method of casting bag-of-words, however, results in a complex decentralized system, which has inherently worse recall than its centralized counterpart. In this paper, we instead start from the recent full-image description method NetVLAD [5]. As we show, casting this to a key-value lookup problem can be achieved with k-means clustering, and results in a much simpler system than [1]. The resulting system still has some flaws, albeit of a completely different nature: it suffers when the environment seen during deployment lies in a different distribution in feature space than the environment seen during training.


Posted on: December 13, 2017