NCCR Robotics is committed to creating and supporting a vibrant network of robotcists and towards publicising the postive effects of robots on our lives. To this end we are active with the organisations listed below:

Robohub logo

Robohub is the premier robotics special interest website worldwide and originates from the Floreano Lab, EPFL. Its editorial team is composed of robotics experts and enthusiasts from all walks of life who publish up the minute news items and think pieces.

Global UTM Association

The Global UTM Association is a not for profit association based in Lausanne that seeks to create blueprints for a global civilian UTM (UAS Traffic Management) system. The association publishes protocols, standards, and guidance on topics such as UAS identification, registration, dynamic geofencing, manned/unmanned integration and data exchanges. NCCR Robotics is a member of the Global UTM Association and its members are invited to sit on the general directory.

Cybathlon logo

The first Cybathlon took place in October 2016, allowing pilots with disabilities wearing robotic assistive aids to compete in a series of everyday tasks. NCCR Robotics was presenting sponsor in 2016. The Cybathlon event is now running as an independent franchise of ETHZ.


We have a longstanding technical agreement with DEZA (Die Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit) for organisation of field tests of our mobile robots in rescue situations.

EPFL Drone Days

The EPFL Drone Day is a one-of-a-kind event, open to the general public, it combines drone racing, robotics showcase and conferences, allowing you to learn all about this multi-faceted and fascinating discipline. NCCR Robotics was Institutional partner for the inception of the first Drone Days in 2017. EPFL Drone Days are now an independent franchise ran by EPFL.

The 2019 edition took place on September 13-15. 

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