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[mobots] [tobi] [nccr robotics] accelerometers active pixel sensor (aps) active prostheses actuated knee brace actuator actuators adaptation adaptive and autonomous robot control adaptive assistance adaptive morphology adaptive shared control aer aerial aerial robotics aerial vehicle aerobatics affordable robotics airburr algorithms animal behavior anthropomorphism arm arm support artificial intelligence artificial muscle artificial muscles aseba assistive robotics assistive technology asynchronous vision sensor augmented reality automated georeferencing autonomic nervous system autonomous autonomous robots balance BCI bimanual exploration bio-cooperative control bio-inspired bio-inspired robotics bioinspired bioinspired materials bioinspired robotics bioinspired robots biologically-inspired robots biology biomimetics bipedal locomotion body–machine interface brain-computer interface (bci) brain-machine interface (bmi) brain-machine interfaces brain–computer interface brain–machine interface camera cameras cellulo child-robot interaction children classification cmos image sensor cognition cognitive architecture collaborative robots compliance compliant control compliant leg design compliant quadruped compound eyes computational model computational science computer computer vision control controlled compliance cooperative behaviors cooperative navigation crash robustness cybathlon design and control design methodology dielectric elastomer actuators domestic robotics drone drones dual stiffness dynamic legged locomotion dynamic vision sensor dynamic vision sensor (dvs) dynamical systems edible robots education education robot educational robot educational robotics educational robots edutainment eeg ego-motion estimation egomotion estimation elastomers electrical epidural stimulation electroadhesion electroencephalogram (eeg) electroencephalography electromyographic (emg) signals electromyography energy efficiency energy scavenging equal opportunities event-based evolutionary robotics exoskeleton exoskeletons eye tracking field study fish-eye cameras flocking flying flying robot flying robots flying robots; adaptive control; model approximation; learning control. foldable robots force gait robot gait training gaussian mixture model gesture recognition gimbal system gimball grasp planning grasping gyroscopes hand kinematics handheld robots haptic feedback haptic interaction haptic interfaces haptics hidden markov model high framerate high-speed visually guided robotics HRI human factor in robotics human factors human factors robotics human in the loop human motion analysis human-computer interaction human-robot interaction human-robots interaction imitation learning impedance control insect insect vision insect wings intention detection interfaces jobs knee learning learning by teaching learning from demonstration legged locomotion legged robotics legged robots localization locomotion locomotion control lokomat low-cost localization machine learning marxbot mechanical engineering mechanism design micro air vehicle microengineering mini-drone mobile robot mobile robot locomotion mobile robotics mobile robots modeling modular robotics modular systems morphing wings morphological operations morphology motion motion and path planning motion control motion perception movement multi-cellular robotics multi-robot multi-robot systems multifunctional actuators muscle synergies navigation nccr robotics neural prosthetics neuromorphic neuromorphic engineering neuromorphic system neuroprosthesis neuroprosthetics neuroscience nonlinear dynamical systems obstacle avoidance online open source software/datasets optic-flow optimization origami origami robotics perception performance estimation photogrammetry physical human-robot interaction primary schools proprioception prosthetics reach-to-grasp reconfigurable modular robots reconfigurable robotics rehabilitation rehabilitation robotics rehabilitative soft exoskeleton for rodents reinforcement learning rescue robotics rescue robots research collaboration robot robot control robot dynamics robot learning robot learning from demonstration robot-assisted rehabilitation robotic robotic device robotic festival robotic learning robotics robotics algorithms robotics in education robots robots competitions robots for education robots for learning school sensor fusion sensors sensory feedback shape sensor simulation SLAM social factors in robotics soft actuators soft grippers soft robotics soft robots spin-offs spinal cord injury spinal cord stimulation spinal reflexes start-ups stroke students swarm robotics symbiotic tactile exploration tangible robots teacher attitudes towards technology teachers teachers training teaching technology transfer teleoperation telepresence thymio thymio ii torque control uav ultra-light uav upper extremities upper limb movements user centered design user evaluation usercooperative control variable impedance actuator variable stiffness vibrotactile display virtual reality vision walking robots wearable devices wearable robotics wearable robots wheelchair wind tunnel wireless wizard-of-oz experiment