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Career Development 

The NCCR Robotics Equal Opportunities Award for Career Development looks to support women that are pursuing a research career in robotics.

The nature of the activities this award aims to support is flexible and focuses on female researcher empowerment in a broad sense; they may vary either in type and/or in time frame. For instance, the award could be used for supporting temporary visit of women students, PhD students and postdocs to a lab abroad, for participating to summer schools, seeking higher education or technical training or for any other activity that contributes to the career development of young women researchers. You must include an explanation of the activity and how this award would help you develop it and contribute to your research career. Applicants must have a connection with NCCR Robotics when they apply.

The call will open yearlong and we will accept applications for activities starting from May 15th 2020 onwards.

Awards will be attributed after an evaluation from the NCCR Robotics Equal Opportunities committee. The total amount attributed to each award will be determined according to the submitted budget and the total amount available for these awards. Applications must include a detailed budget (proof of expenses may be requested at the end). We consider an acceptable budget of expenses up to CHF 5.000, although other amounts may also be accepted, if justified.
At the end of the activity, we will ask you for a short report.

How to apply:

Requests must be sent to the Administration Officer ( and must include:

  • Description of the action in question (presentation of the action and the candidate, her connection to NCCR Robotics, duration and location of the activity, other forms of funding you might have). Maximum 2 pages.
  • Detailed budget
  • CV of the candidate
  • Requests should be submitted at least 2 months before the action takes place

Attribution of the award

Applications will be analyzed by the Equal Opportunities committee after each submission. A response will normally be given within 3 weeks of the submission date.The call is open for activities starting from December 1st  to November 30th each year until November 30th 2022. Candidates can apply as long as the call is open (please check

Scientific Visibility

The NCCR Robotics Equal Opportunities Award for Scientific Visibility is aimed for NCCR Robotics female master students who wish to present papers/posters at scientific events.
The award can go up to CHF 2.500 per student.


  • Student must be author/co-autor of the paper/poster
  • Student must have the consent from a professor in order to apply
  • A link to NCCR Robotics must be provided
  • After attending the event, a written report and prof of expenses must be submitted to NCCR Robotics

How to apply:

Requests must be sent to the Administration Officer ( using this form.

Invitation of keynote speakers

NCCR Robotics supports the NCCR members who are organizing conferences in Switzerland to invite female speakers as keynotes.
This support can be of up to CHF 2.500 per invited speaker.


  • Invited female speakers should be available to meet and exchange with NCCR Robotics students
  • Preference is given to female keynote speakers.

How to apply:

Requests must be sent to the Administration Officer and must include:

  • a short bio of the invited speaker
  • budget for the visit
  • presentation of the event

NCCR Robotics Master Scholarships for Women

Please click here for information on these scholarships.

Ana Caldas Admin & Events Officer Management Team, EPFL Funding: - +41 21 693 46 34