Teaching Resources (Thymio)

NCCR Robotics promotes robotics in schools and amongst teachers; we work with teachers in Switzerland to prepare them to be able to confidently and effectively educate students to technologies in general, and to robotics in particular.

Thymio is a small robot created out of NCCR Robotics, which has been widely used successfully in schools across Switzerland and in many parts of Europe. With Thymio students can discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language. Thymio is programmable and can carry out numerous experiments, making the basics of robotics and programming easily accessible at whatever age.


Thymio’s classroom-related material, including educational documents based on Thymio as well as Thymio MOOC is a particularly useful pedagogic support for classroom use according  to student’s age, learning objectives and topics. Thymio also offers the fun and engaging topic based papercraft activities.

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