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Robots are engaging and captivate the young generation’s imagination. Robots also provide a valuable educational tool and a hands-on-fun way of learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by watching and interacting with robots.

Courses in the French cantons

As part of the NCCR Robotics’ commitment to increase interest in robotics studies amongst the younger generations we are proud to offer, through EPFL’s Science Outreach Department, a number of courses, activities and workshops (taught in French):

Robots are indeed for girls (for girls aged 11-13)
The goal of this class is to give young girls the chance and means to discover and develop their knowledge of IT and communication technologies while programming a robot and having fun.
This class if free of charge and takes place on Saturdays – you can choose between a morning or an afternoon session.

Build and programme a robot (for boys aged 11-13)
In this activity, kids are given the opportunity and the means to go further in the world of computing, by programming a robot while having fun.

First LEGO league competition (for girls and boys aged 10-16)
A technical and regional competition that promotes team spirit and creativity. Teams of 3 to 10 members are trained by an adult coach and and they take part in several events of the competition: the Robot Game, the Robot-Design evaluation, the Research Project evaluation and the Team Spirit evaluation

Find other activities:
Several other multidisciplinary workshops are organized by EPFL each year for different age groups. Find out all about them here.

Courses in the German cantons

Coming in the Spring of 2020. More information soon

Robotics Summer Camp (for girls and boys from 11 years old)
Remotely programme a Thymio robot that has landed in the wrong place on a comet so that it can achieve all its goals.

DanceBots (for girls and boys aged 10 – 18)
Design, build and style your own robot that will dance along to an MP3 player.

Find other activities:
– by Mint & Pepper (Zurich)
– by Fäger (Bern)
– by Go Tec! (Neuhausen am Rheinfall)


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We also recommend you to discover the NCCR Robotics development interactive robot Thymio.
Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language. Easily accessible to different ages, Thymio can be programmed and carry out numerous experiments.

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