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Computational Robotics Lab (CRL)

The Computational Robotics Lab (CRL) is a research group within the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Their research bridges the fields of computer graphics, robotics and computational fabrication. The group draws insights from computer science, applied mathematics and control theory to establish the computational foundations that will accelerate the future of robotics. Applications […]

Laboratory of Regenerative and Movement Biology (RMB)

The Laboratory of Regenerative and Movement Biology investigates methods to remedy skeletal muscle degeneration and disease states using direct reprogramming and stem cell-based therapies. Director: Prof. Ori Bar-NurInstitution: ETH Zurich Discover the Lab

Vision for Robotics Lab (V4RL)

The Vision for Robotics Laboratory focuses on robotic vision-based perception. The group works with small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in particular, as they are some of the most challenging robotic platforms, however, our research can be applied on any robot in need of perceiving its motion and/or workspace. Director: Prof. Margarita ChliInstitution: ETH Zurich Discover […]

Marco Hutter

Professor Phone: +41 44 632 74 17 Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Robotic Systems Lab (RSL)

Roger Gassert

Professor Phone: +41 44 632 32 66 Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (RELab)

Stelian Coros

Professor Phone: Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Computational Robotics Lab (CRL)

Ori Bar-Nur

Professor Phone: Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Laboratory of Regenerative and Movement Biology (RMB)

Robert Riener

NCCR Co-Director & Professor Phone: +41 44 632 66 79 Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Management Team and Sensory-Motor Systems Lab (SMS)

Margarita Chli

Margarita Chli is an Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and head of the Vision for Robotics Lab. She received both her BA and MEng in Information and Computing Engineering from Trinity College of the University of Cambridge, UK, and her PhD from Imperial College London. In 2013, she was awarded the prestigious Chancellor’s Fellowship […]