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Marko Bjelonic

Phone: Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Robotic Systems Lab (RSL) Funding: Matching funds

Jessica Gantenbein

Phone: Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (RELab) Funding: Directly

David Hug

Phone: Email: Institution:ETH Zurich Lab: Vision for Robotics Lab (V4RL) Funding: Directly

Luca Bartolomei

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Neuroengineering Lab

The Neuroengineering lab focuses on the deep understanding of nervous system interaction with electric field through the computational modeling, the design of novel sensory neuroprostheses and bioelectronics solutions, and the investigation of human interaction with these. Director: Prof. Stanisa RaspopovicInstitution: ETHZ Discover the Lab

Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL)

The Autonomous System Lab’s mission and dedication is to create robots and intelligent systems that are able to autonomously operate in complex and diverse environments. Director: Prof. Roland SiegwartInstitution: ETHZ Discover the Lab Twitter Youtube VoliroX Previous Next

Sensory-Motor Systems Lab (SMS)

The Sensory-Motor Systems Lab investigate the sensory-​motor actions in and interactions between humans and machines. Human sensors (receptors) record the physical state of the human body and the surrounding environment. Sensory information is perceived by the human central nervous system. Human cognition is required to interpret the perceived information and generate a motor reaction. Similarly, […]

Robotic Systems Lab (RSL)

The Robotic Systems Lab investigates the development of machines and their intelligence to operate in rough and challenging environments. With a large focus on robots with arms and legs, their research includes novel actuation methods for advanced dynamic interaction, innovative designs for increased system mobility and versatility, and new control and optimization algorithms for locomotion […]

Rehabilitation Engineering Lab (RELab)

The Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory is an interdisciplinary group with competences in mechanical and electrical engineering, movement science, psychology and neuroscience. They apply robotics, wearable sensor technologies and non-​invasive neuroimaging to explore, assess and restore sensorimotor function.Their goal is to promote sensorimotor recovery following neurological injury and to develop assistive technologies to compensate for remaining deficits. […]

Sensors Research Group

The Sensors research group is part of the Institute of Neuroinformatics in Zurich, a joint institute of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. They develop neuromorphic hardware, network models, and algorithms aimed at mimicking and understanding the computation underlying biological sensors and brain processing. This research is within the field of neuromorphic engineering, a field that […]