Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (LNCO)

The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Bertarelli Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics) targets the brain mechanisms of body perception, body awareness and self-consciousness. It has three missions – the neuroscientific study of consciousness, the adaptation and development of technologies for human neuroscience, and the development of cognitive neuroprostheses in clinical research. Director: Prof. Olaf BlankeInstitution: EPFL Discover […]

Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA)

The research the Learning Algorithms and Systems Lab develops means by which humans can teach robots to perform skills with the level of dexterity displayed by humans in similar tasks. The LASA robots move seamlessly with smooth motions. They adapt adequately and on-the-fly to the presence of obstacles and to sudden perturbations, hence mimicking humans. […]

Embedded Systems Lab (ESL)

The Embedded Systems Laboratory focuses on the definition of system-level multi-objective design methods, optimization methodologies and tools for high-performance embedded systems and nano-scale Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) architectures targeting the Internet-of-Things (IoT) Era.   Director: Prof. Davide AtienzaInstitution: EPFL Discover the Lab Twitter Youtube

Visual Intelligence for Transportation Lab (VITA)

The Visual Intelligence for Transportation Lab’s research enables a future where self-driving vehicles, or delivery/social robots will be facts of everyday life.Beyond embodied agents, they will also enable our living spaces – our homes, terminals, and cities – become equipped with ambient intelligence which can sense and respond to human behavior. Director: Prof. Alexandre AlahiInstitution: […]

Selman Sakar

Phone: Email: Institution:EPFL Lab: MicroBioRobotic Systems Laboratory (MICROBS)

Silvestro Micera

Professor Phone: +41 21 693 10 47 Email: Institution:EPFL Lab: Translational Neural Engineering Laboratory (TNE)

Stéphanie Lacour

Professor Phone: +41 21 693 11 81 Email: Institution:EPFL Lab: Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces (LSBI)

Olaf Blanke

Phone: +41 21 693 96 21 Email: Institution:EPFL Lab: Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (LNCO)