Through our spin fund, we support the creation of start-ups from NCCR Robotics research projects.

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The next major step in robot evolution will see robots leave the structured factory floor. This requires versatile and highly mobile mechanical devices to move and act autonomously in unstructured environments, collaborating where needed with humans. For this to become reality, robot capabilities need to be massively improved in three areas: mobility, interaction and autonomy. anybotics.com

Dronistics is a Swiss start-up developing drones and software for person-to-person last-centimetre aerial deliveries. The safe drones are enclosed in a protective cage and can be folded to fit inside a backpack for easy storage and transportation. They fly autonomously and are commanded by users through the Dronistics web application. These unique features enable the precise delivery of packages directly to users’ hands even in remote locations where there is no suitable landing zone. dronistics.epfl.ch

FES-ABILITY aims at developing proprietary technology for personalized neuro-rehabilitation treatments thanks to active body reconditioning with functional mobilization and Electrical Stimulation (FES). With online monitoring of sensorimotor function we also provide deeper recovery insight to support clinical decisions.
Restoring body control requires effort. Take action. fes-ability.ch

Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for operating indoors, in complex and confined spaces, and in contact with people. The company’s main market is in industrial inspection where it avoids sending people in dangerous and confined spaces for the inspection of power generation, oil & gas, maritime and chemical infrastructures. It is also active in search & rescue and public security to assess emergency situations without putting humans at risk. flyability.com

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Foldaway is developing ultra-portable and low cost haptic interfaces that interact with human fingers by tracking their motion and providing force, stiffness and texture perception. foldaway-haptics.ch

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Fotokite creates tethered UAS for Public Safety teams to gain situational awareness, helping them save lives and preserve property. Firefighters and first responder teams are using Fotokite systems, which integrate in to their fire trucks and public safety vehicles, to gain aerial thermal and visual video perspectives with the single push of a button. Fotokite is a 30 person ETH-Zurich spin-off company with offices in Zurich and Syracuse, NY. 1st Prize winner of the 2018 GENIUS NY competition, 2017 euRobotics Tech Transfer 1st Prize winner, and 2015 Qualcomm European QPrize winner. fotokite.com

Bota Systems, a highly integrated scalable, universal and safe force & torque sensor for robotics and automation.

The spin-fund to Bota Systems AG supports the development of project FRAMELESS, the force torque sensing solution from Bota Systems that will give the ability to designers and engineers to tightly integrate safe and reliable force torque sensors in their robots. Its high overload values, as a result of design optimization techniques makes it an impact robust sensing module. While having integrated electronics and utilizing other sensors with an innovative way can detect contact forces with extreme accuracy at dynamic environments. Frameless is extremely resistant against impacts, temperature changes and EMl, as initially was developed for mobile robots, manipulating, walking and running at harsh environments. As such, this technology can enhance robotic manipulators, healthcare and medical solutions, construction robots and flying robots. Emphasis is given for applications with collaborative robots, which is a technology that nowadays, is changing our working style.

Changing stroke rehab. Intento has developed an easy-to-use, effective solution to help severely paralyzed stroke patients recover motor function in upper limbs. Even several years after the stroke. intento.ch

MyoSwiss develops the Myosuit: a garment-like set of active and passive layers designed to assist people with muscle weakness when performing movements. myoswiss.com

Noonee is a Swiss based exoskeleton company, spin-off of ETH Zürich, founded in 2014 by Keith Gunura and Olga Motovilova. The company is focusing on exoskeletons for industrial application to improve the working environment and assist industrial workers in their daily tasks. noonee.com

SensArs mission is to restore complete functionality of upper and lower limb amputees, as well as those that had nerve-damage. The solution SensArs proposes, a neuroprosthetic device, is called SENSY: a unique device, which allows amputees, unlike currently available prostheses, to feel again from missing limbs. sensars.com

Service robots have the potential to drastically increase efficiency in various industries by taking over repetitive tasks. However, operating in unstructured environments and public spaces represents a major challenge for autonomous mobile robots. Sevensense develops innovative technology based on computer-vision to overcome the limitations of today’s navigation systems and push the frontier of service robotics forward. sevensense.ch

Autonomous Beyond Visual Line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone operation requires a high safety standard to ensure that a drone can safely land in all circumstances without posing a threat to itself or its surroundings, which can include people and infrastructure. However, the lack of a dedicated environment-aware safety system on drones as well as a high reliance on GPS for navigation, which is inaccurate in cities and is blind to obstacles, are highly inadequate to ensure a high safety standard.
To solve these challenges, we have developed an Al based dedicated drone safety suite that can be attached to any commercial drone. This device has one job: To get a drone from air to ground as safely as possible. We believe that our product will play a significant role in enabling the commercial drone industry to take-off, by allowing every commercial drone operator to operate their drones safely. This will help the industry to make a key step towards unlocking the full economic potential of drones.


Twiice is a modular exoskeleton for walking assistance that allows spinal cord injury paraplegics to regain independence in their daily activities. twiice.ch

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