Spin Fund Grant

NCCR Robotics is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship, and as a result we offer our members the opportunity to apply for our spin fund if they have an exciting idea that they wish to take to market. Successful applicants are given one year’s salary for one person to develop a prototype, assess the market, plan the business and eventually create a company and are hosted in one of our member Labs during that time. Our spin funds are supported by the technology transfer officer and are given access to all the benefits of Swiss Robotics members and are supported by the NCCR Robotics management team in terms of logistics and media relations.

So far, we have supported ten successful start-ups through our spin fund programme.  If you are a member and wish to learn more about the spin fund, please log in for the full application procedure and application form. If you are not a member of NCCR Robotics but are a member of one of our labs and have a project that you think may be appropriate for the spin fun, please contact Jan Kerschgens.

Rolling deadline to submit projects for the remaining funds until April 30th 2018.

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