NCCR Robotics Implicit Bias Roundtable

Date(s) - 11/06/2021
09:00 - 11:00

Part 2 of the NCCR Robotics Equal Opportunities Course on Implicit Bias will be a discussion in a round table with Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast, on June 11, 2021, from 09:00 to 11:00.

It is important that you complete the 1st part of the course by following the modules and submitting your feedback by May 31.
The roundtable on implicit bias will focus on how gender bias may impact our research and help us understand how the different robots, personal assistants, wearable devices and algorithms we develop can and might influence biases in the future.

The fact that today most personal assistants have female voices is a sign that we must be vigilant.
We encourage you to learn about your own biases, and how to adapt your behavior to promote equality.
As you will see, very small steps can make a huge difference!


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