Support Systems

Our Equal Opportunities strategy aims to increase the number of women in robotics and encourage them to continue their career at all research levels.

Undergraduate Students

Lunch events for female students with role models pursuing different careers are regularly advertised by the EPFL Equal opportunities office.

Master students

The EPFL-WISH – Foundation has a program for Master projects abroad. The average prize amount is CHF 5.000 – 7.000 to cover expenses such as air fares, accommodation, books, food, transportation, visas, publication costs or lab fees.

PhD Students and Researchers

The Gender Equality Grant is aimed at young women researchers funded by the SNSF. It offers them additional individualised and flexible support for their career development.

The Fix the Leaky Pipeline program (FLP) offers coaching groups and training seminars for young female scientists (PhD students, Postdocs and others). Participants get the opportunity to reflect on their professional situations and develop a strategy for embarking or continuing on their career paths..

The Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes has been engaged since 2001, in the promotion of academic careers and gender equality. The Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes is a joint project of the Offices for Gender Equality of the universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and the EPFL. It is open to women researchers of these institutions.

The REGARD programme offers workshops for young female academics and for women professors of the universities of French-speaking Switzerland. Its aim is to develop competences and to propose concrete tools for career management and supervision.

The PRIMA programme is an initiative of the SNSF aimed at female researchers at postdoc level from all disciplines who have the potential for an academic career and are eager to pursue an academic career at a Swiss higher education institution. With a maximum duration of 5 years, PRIMA grants cover the grantee’s salary and project costs (max. CHF 150,000 per year), which allow, amongst others, to engage a team, benefit from an academic stay at another institution as well as from a mentoring network.

IDSIA offers a mentoring and shadowing programme for female PHD students and Postdocs.

Women Professors Networks

The Women Professors Forum is a network of women professors from ETH Zurich and EPFL. The WPF engages in activities to further equal opportunities at these institutions andencourage young women to pursue a career in science or engineering.

The EPFL-WISH – Foundation was established in 2006 by a group of women professors at the EPFL  (Women in Science and Humanities) to encourage the research and promote women on campus. The EPFL-WISH offers the tools, role models, financing, networks and support at key moments in the young women’s careers at EPFL and beyond.

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