Family and Career

NCCR Robotics is committed to supporting work life balance.

SNSF Flexibility Grant

The SNSF Flexibility Grant can give more flexibility to your scientific career.

The grant is aimed at doctoral and postdoctoral researchers (as part of the participation requirements, the applicants should be employed with a work-time percentage of at least 80% in a research project funded by the SNSF ) who need to look after children during an important stage in their career and who therefore need more flexibility. The grant helps researchers to find the right balance between their professional and private lives.


Robert Gnehm Grant for Parent Postdocs

The Robert Gnehm Grant for parent postdocs (RGG) aims to support parent postdocs in the early stages of parenthood, allowing them to devote more time to their child while alleviating a temporary decrease in scientific productivity. One aim is to free them from routine work that can be delegated to others, for example in the field of laboratory work, academic administration, and teaching.

The postdoc could, for example, hire an “assistant·e étudiant·e” to help with experiments and/or collecting data such as to accelerate the submission of scientific articles. Other types of financial support, such as prolongation of the working contract of the postdoc, are conceivable.

Partner institutions

Our partner institutions also offer information and promote work life balance through a series of measures:

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