NCCR Robotics’ Cellulo project presented in Paris

Arzu Güneysu, from NCCR Robotics’ Chili Lab, attended the seminar ‘Technologies for Active Aging’ at the Sorbonne University in Paris earlier this month. She was a speaker there and presented the Cellulo project with the paper « Gamified rehabilitation with tangible robots » and with a demo.


Abstract of the paper:

Gamified Therapy with Tangible Robots: Rehabilitation aims to ameliorate deficits in motor control via intensive practice with the affected limb. However, traditional rehabilitation tasks may frustrate the patient due to their repetitive nature and may result in lack of motivation and poor rehabilitation. We aim to gamify this process with a tangible robotic platform named Cellulo. In order to determine the design rationales according to the needs of patients and therapists, we started to follow an iterative participatory design process, including test and design sessions with the stroke, brachial plexus, and cerebral palsy patients, as well as children with developmental coordination disorder and therapists in different therapy centers. Our current activities focus on gamifying rehabilitation for motor learning, attention and visio-motor coordination.