Cybathlon 2020 announced

09.02.17 – In today’s press conference with the executive board of ETH Zurich an official announcement was made: The Cybathlon will take place once again in Zurich in 2020 – organised by ETH ZurichBehind the scenes, planning for the next Cybathlon has been taking place since the successful premiere in October last year. The success of the premiere was the final push to convince the organising committee and the heads of ETH Zurich that the Cybathlon must continue, also under the umbrella of ETH Zurich. This continuation will come in May 2020, but this time the Cybathlon will be planned as a two-day event. Although the event will take place in the vicinity of Zurich, the exact location will be confirmed at a later date. In the upcoming weeks and months, the organisation committee, under the leadership of Roland Sigrist and Dario Wyss will push ahead with planning. Read the full statement.