Call for papers: R4L @HRI 2017

23.01.17 – Submission deadline: 31st January 2017.An increasing amount of HRI research focuses on the development of social robots acting as tutors. While robots have been popular as a focus for STEM teaching (see Lego Mindstorms or Thymio), the use of robots as tutors is novel. The field of HRI has started reporting on how to make effective robot tutors and how to measure their efficacy. These studies have shown that the potential of robots in educational settings is inarguable: robot can provide educational content tailored to the individual, something which is missing from current educational settings. They also have the potential to enhance learning via kinesthetic interaction, can improve the learner’s self-esteem and can provide empathic feedback. Finally, robots have been shown to engage the learner, to motivate her in the learning task or to enhance collaboration in a group… Read more