Open Postdoc positions

07.12.16 – We are looking for two Postdocs in soft wearable robotics.*****Postdoc in Soft Wearable Robotics: Kinetic / Haptic feedback

The EPFL Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Prof. Dario Floreano, and the EPFL Translational Neural Engineering Lab (Prof. Silvestro Micera, http:// invite applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in wearable technologies for human-robot interaction. The postdoc will work on the actuation system of a novel soft torso exosuits connected to a distal robotic system within an interdisciplinary team of roboticists, neuroscientists, and cognitive scientists. Applicants should have carried out research in upper torso exoskeletons, tendon-driven robotics, prosthetic robotics, haptic feedback. A dual degree in engineering and bio-mechanics is desirable.

*****Postdoc in Soft Wearable Robotics: Integrated Materials / Textile

The EPFL Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (Prof. Dario Floreano, invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in Soft Robotics technologies for upper-torso soft exosuits in augmented reality and human-machine interaction. The postdoc will develop, characterise, and integrate novel sensors, actuators, and materials that can be manufactured and/or integrated in textile for upper-body sensing and actuation. Applicants should have experience in human biomechanics. The selected candidate will join an interdisciplinary team working on several aspects of soft robotics technologies for wearable and mobile robots.

EPFL offers excellent technical facilities and competitive salary and social packages. The positions are available immediately. Candidates should send an email to with a CV, cover letter, contact of two references, and full list of publications with copy of 2-3 most representative ones. Please indicate job title in the email subject. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.